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Pictures featuring advocacy efforts undertaken by Jean-Robert Lafortune and other Haitian-American advocates to win congressional leaders support for the passage of the "Haitian Refugee Immigrant Fairness Act of 1998." This law authorized some 50,000 Haitian Refugees to adjust their immigration status permanently in U.S.

Jean-Robert Lafortune and Haitian advocates in DC
Lafortune and Haitian-American advocates getting ready for national rally in Washington in March 98

I may include a link to the current weather conditions at our vacation spot below.

Jean-Robert Lafortune and Congressman Henry Hyde
A meeting with Chairman of the U.S House Judiciary Committee

Here I'll describe another picture from my vacation.

Lafortune, and Congresswoman Carrie P. Meek
Lafortune and friends pose with Congresswoman Carrie. Meek after a lenghty meeting with White House

Lafortune and Senator Lieberman meeting- Miami
Advocacy effort to win Sen. Lieberman support for legalization of immigrants