Memoires of Jean-Robert Lafortune
Jean-Robert Lafortune - MS - A Slice of the Haitian-American Experience - His world, passion and struggle!
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Memoires of Jean-Robert Lafortune
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The memoires of a West-Indian who took South Florida by storm - His tactics and strategy to create a movement which has significantly changed the political lanscape of South Florida and the efforts he undertook to maintain his movement into the political mainstream!

Jean-Robert Lafortune - the early years
To be published.  Chapter to give an outlook of major personnel events that have impacted on Lafortune and contributed to his domocratic convictions at the age of 10.  His evolution throughout his teenage years as an advocate for the weak under the Duvalier and Baby Doc dictatorship of the 1960's and 1970's.  As other youths in his period, his life is traumatized by several coup attempts in the Capital City of Port-au-Prince designed to overthrow the Duvalier dictatorship.
As a student leader he had lasting impression on many of his classmates in his highschool. 
His difficult journey, political intrigue by government agents for his arrest for producing a play that earned him first prize in Drama by the National Institute for Dramatic Art (INFA) because of his depiction of bloody and excruciating interrogations that political prisonners were subject to in Fort Dimanche.
Stay tune!

Jean-Robert Lafortune - the early years

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